Monday, January 2, 2012

Mother/Daughter Sewing

I have to admit that I have NEVER learned to sew. Up until this past year, I was ok with that. It seems that having 3 young daughters stirred up some kind of creativity in me that I didn't know I had. It started with my mom teaching my oldest daughter, Scout, to sew by hand. Simple things, but she really took to it and soon I realized that my 8 year old could sew buttons on a shirt as well as my husband and I started thinking... that doesn't seem right. Then, my mom bought Scout a Singer Pixie sewing machine she found on clearance at Walmart for $15 and it was PURPLE! Well, that just sold Scout hook, line, and sinker. Soon I was looking for someone to teach her how to sew with the machine and then it dawned on me... why not see if there was a place we could take classes together?

That brought me to a local shop called Sew n Sew. They offer beginning classes one Saturday morning a month for 2 hours for ages 8 & up. So, guess what Santa gave me for Christmas this year? A Singer Promise sewing machine he picked up from Target for a great deal of $69. I immediately signed us both up for the classes and now we both are excited to learn to sew together! The classes are $25 each a month, but the way I see it, they will provide time for me and my daughter to learn a new skill together, create together, and spend time together... just her and I. I think that is well worth the investment.

Who knows? We might become sewing whizzes and start our own mother/daughter collections. The sky is the limit :-) What new ideas do you have for you and your daughter(s) for 2012? I can't wait to show you what we make from our first class!

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