Monday, January 2, 2012

Mother/Daughter Sewing

I have to admit that I have NEVER learned to sew. Up until this past year, I was ok with that. It seems that having 3 young daughters stirred up some kind of creativity in me that I didn't know I had. It started with my mom teaching my oldest daughter, Scout, to sew by hand. Simple things, but she really took to it and soon I realized that my 8 year old could sew buttons on a shirt as well as my husband and I started thinking... that doesn't seem right. Then, my mom bought Scout a Singer Pixie sewing machine she found on clearance at Walmart for $15 and it was PURPLE! Well, that just sold Scout hook, line, and sinker. Soon I was looking for someone to teach her how to sew with the machine and then it dawned on me... why not see if there was a place we could take classes together?

That brought me to a local shop called Sew n Sew. They offer beginning classes one Saturday morning a month for 2 hours for ages 8 & up. So, guess what Santa gave me for Christmas this year? A Singer Promise sewing machine he picked up from Target for a great deal of $69. I immediately signed us both up for the classes and now we both are excited to learn to sew together! The classes are $25 each a month, but the way I see it, they will provide time for me and my daughter to learn a new skill together, create together, and spend time together... just her and I. I think that is well worth the investment.

Who knows? We might become sewing whizzes and start our own mother/daughter collections. The sky is the limit :-) What new ideas do you have for you and your daughter(s) for 2012? I can't wait to show you what we make from our first class!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

PATTIES CLASSROOM: Happy Chinese New Year!

PATTIES CLASSROOM: Happy Chinese New Year!:    My class loves to study other cultures. Being a teacher educated in one of the true melting pots of America, Long Beach, California...

This is a fantastic blog I'd like to share for those who homeschool or have children adopted from China. I love some of Pattie's ideas in her blog! As a mom of a Chinese daughter, I can say that we will have fun with some of these neat Chinese New Year crafts! Thanks, Pattie!

The Feel Good Box

Sometimes it's hard to come up with fun, creative ideas when you're chasing around little girls (or big girls). One of the things I have enjoyed doing is gathering a "list" of things I can do with my girls when I am having one of those days, weeks, or months where I just don't have the creative juices flowing. As a mother of three young daughters, it is so important to me that I remind myself that they learn a lot from what I do. 

The mother and daughter activity that I pulled out for today's blog is the Feel Good Box idea. I got this idea from American Girl. This is a plan ahead box for when mom or daughter is having a down day or feeling blue. To make this box,  assemble the following items: shoe box, cute, bright,  fun wrapping paper, tape. Decorate the box and box lid by wrapping the paper to it and securing it with tape. Finally, fill the box with things that make you both smile. Add a photo of the two of you, a comic strip, a funny saying, sweet surprises like lollipops or bubble gum, etc. Keep adding to the box over time so that whenever one of you needs it, there is something new inside to lift your spirits. 

Think about it... a simple treasure box that has a wonderful connection to you. An activity you can do together that is inexpensive and priceless at the same time. When we spend quality time with our daughters, we encourage them in an active way to draw closer to us, to trust us, to have fun with us, and to share in our journey together as only a mother and daughter can. So, go get your girl(s) and share this activity with them! Enjoy!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My 3 Chicks And Me: My First Post... Holiday Cheer

My 3 Chicks And Me: My First Post... Holiday Cheer: So, this is my first post and of course it is about Christmas. Christmas was a success in our home this year, not because of the many Americ...

My First Post... Holiday Cheer

So, this is my first post and of course it is about Christmas. Christmas was a success in our home this year, not because of the many American Girl Doll items under our tree for the girls, but because my girls learned the value of giving this year. It has always been important to me that they model compassion and kindness to others, but this year they actually took it to the next level... they each gave up something they really liked that was gently used and gave it to our local homeschool group, LCHEA, to distribute to local needy children. My oldest daughter, Scout (8), decided to give her 16" Princess Bike (Wow!), Elliott (Ellie, 3) decided to give her Princess Talking Wall Mirror, and Delaney (16 months) decided to give her Block Play Center.

See, it dawned on me that most of us moms talk to our children about Christmas being a time of giving, yet, we all (myself included) seem to focus on the getting part. What do I want Santa to bring me? I realized that I was sending a mixed message to my girls. I was telling them on one hand that giving of ourselves to others was the most important Christmas tradition, all the while asking them what they wanted Santa to bring them and having them write up their Christmas lists (well, the ones that can write anyway). 

I not only encouraged them to give something to other little girls who weren't as fortunate this year, but I also encouraged making homemade gifts and crafts this year for grandparents and friends. The idea here being to give something from their heart, something they formed in their own minds and created with their own hands. The funny thing was that they were eager to do these things, loved the encouragement I gave them while making and doing the projects, and were excited to give the handmade gifts out to those they made them for. 

I'm not sure what we will share with others next Christmas, but I do know one thing... it will be from the heart and it will be a great experience for my 3 chicks and me!